WESQUIP – Home of the Turbo Precleaner

Micro-abrasive dust's worst enemy – Your engine's best friend!

Welcome to the World of Turbo.


A Precleaner makes your engine breath easier by cleaning the incoming air passing into its air intake. It is installed before your engine’s Air Filter, and reduces the amount of problematic dust entering your equipment.

All Precleaners operate on the same basic principle, that centrifugal force will separate dirt from air. Yet, not all Precleaners are made equal. To ensure maximum protection for your engine, there are two important things you should consider:

1. How effectively air/dirt are separated by your Precleaner
2. What happens to the dirt after separation

The Turbo Precleaner is the best Precleaner in the world, with over 40 years of Research & Development behind it, ensuring that you get the Highest Separation Efficiency (up to 85% of dust and particulate matter) and Lowest Restriction out of your Precleaner.

Turbo Precleaners are proudly manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

All Turbo Precleaners come with our  lifetime guarantee on their Titanium spinners, and the Turbo Engine Guarantee.

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