WESQUIP – Home of the Turbo Precleaner

Micro-abrasive dust's worst enemy – Your engine's best friend!

The Turbo Promise

Why do we dare to promise you that our product will make a difference to you and your fleet of equipment? Because Turbo Precleaners have a 40-year proven record of performance, separating 87%  of dust and other particles below 20 microns, and 98% above 20 microns.

Turbo Precleaners remove up to 98% of all air born contaminates (dust, snow, insects, sand, etc), all while achieving the necessary balance between efficiency and restriction, allowing you to enjoy the following benefits:

– Longer air filter life,  less air filter costs
– Better oil conditions, leading to longer engine life
– Better fuel consumption and greater fuel economy
– Dramatically reduced maintenance times & costs associated with illegal dust and dirt entry
– Increased equipment efficiency.

Just ask some of our many OEM end users, including:

DoosanLogo komatsu-logo liugong-logo Shantui_logo

But of course, we had to take it a step further. We had our promises scientifically proven by the Southwest Research Institute, in accordance with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 1726 JUN93 Air Cleaner Code.

Often imitated never duplicated, try an original Turbo Precleaner today! After all, if your Precleaner isn’t a Turbo, it’s just a raincap.

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